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Gregory Huffman
''An Analysis of the Importance of Both Destruction and Creation to Economic Growth''
A growth model is studied in which the destruction (or exit) and creative (or research) decisions are decoupled. This approach emphasizes that different agents make these interrelated decisions. The growth rate equals the product of a measure of the destruction and creation rates. The determinants of income mobility, income inequality, the lifespan of a firm, and the growth rate are studied. The equilibrium can either yield too high or low a level of innovation, but the destruction rate may also be too high or low. A non-linear tax/subsidy scheme, which alters the innovation and exit decisions, can improve welfare.
Keywords: Economic Growth, Creative Destruction, Innovation, Tax Policy, Inequality
JEL: E0 - Macroeconomics and Monetary Economics: General
O3 - Technological Change; Research and Development: General
Manuscript Received : Jul 22 2019 Manuscript Accepted : Jul 22 2019

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