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James C Cox
Georgia State University
Experimental Economics Center
PO Box 3992
Georgia State University
Biographical Sketch:
Professor Cox is collaborating with IT researchers to construct a digital library for microeconomics education. Recent and ongoing research includes experiments with group behavior in strategic market games an theory and experiments with individual and group behavior in games involving trust and fear, positive and negative reciprocity, and benevolent and malevolent other-regarding preferences. Other research has included topics in mathematical economics, economics of uncertainty and risk, public expenditure theory, credit rationing, energy policy, minimum wage legislation, auction markets, job search models, decentralized mechanisms for control of monopoly, the utility hypothesis, the preference reversal phenomenon, procurement contracting, the lottery payoff experimental procedure, social epistemology,legal theory, theories of learning to play Nash equilibrium, and rail transportation networks.
Primary Research Focus :
experimental economics
JEL Areas :
C9:Design of Experiments: General