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Gregory Zorzos
''Economics of 1571 Battle of Lepanto''
( 2002, Vol. 28 No.1 )
This is a paper about the economics of the Battle of Lepando (Nafpaktos) in Greece during the year 1571, when the Western League entered into a decisive naval battle with the Ottomans. The western ships, with the help of Greeks, won this naval Battle. In this naval battle the Western League spent 12,111,390 ducats and had 285 ships under the Pope's flag. There were 273 Ottoman ships. The types of ships are: Galleys, Bilanders, Brigantines, Galleon, Galleass,Caravels, Pinques, Snows, Hulks etc, with a cost of 25-45,000 ducats each. (note: 1 ducat (tallero)=100 grana=60 aspers=40 maidins). This amount was financed by the Greeks, Italian, Spainish, and Austrian people and kings, and Pope Pius also. Bibliography: Zorzos, Gregory. "Economics of the Battle of Lepanto (year 7th October 1571)." Working Paper, 2001. pdf file:
Manuscript Received : Jan 22 2002 Manuscript Accepted : Jan 23 2002

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