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Gregory Zorzos
''Economics of 1492 - Discovering America by Gregory Zorzos''
( 2002, Vol. 28 No.2 )
Cost analysis of Columbus' first trip to America. The total cost was about 2.000.000 maravedis (1 ounce of gold = 300 maravedis) and have been financed by the king and Quinn of Spain, Greeks, Colombus family, people from Spain, Portugal, Italy and England. (1 dinero = 1,5 maraveids and 1 ducat = 375 maravedis). You can find the drawings and the economic background of the first famous trip with the ships Santa Maria, Ninia and Pinta. The economic analysis includes the costs for the ships, crews (fees and payments), food etc. Also there are many in formations about the economics of this period, the financing procedures and the coinage (Mediaeval Economics). Also many information about the maps of Columbus's brother Bartholomew and Alexandro Zorzi [Zorzo] . They are three maps about these trips of Columbus to America and Alexandro Zorzi made the logical connection to Ptolemey's maps.
Manuscript Received : Jan 27 2002 Manuscript Accepted : Jan 28 2002

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