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ralph lauren polo

''Various methods of balancing of the macro SAM of Tunisia during the year 2000''
( 2004, Vol. 28 No.8 )
This paper has the aim of presenting the various methods of balancing applied to the macroeconomic Social Accounting Matrix (macro SAM) of Tunisia during the year 2000. These methods (method of entropy, method of least squares....) were used by the modellers of Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) whose would to balance the totals in columns and the totals in lines of the SAM of the developing countries in question. To be able to be regarded as the base of data of a CGE model, the matrix must check the principle of balance of the totals in columns and in lines of each one of these accounts.
Manuscript Received : Sep 28 2004 Manuscript Accepted : Sep 29 2004

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