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V.I.Gopi Krishna Menon
''An “Intropy Driven Gibbsian Phase Rule” For Communities And Markets''
( 2004, Vol. 28 No.9 )
Abstract: It appears that a phase rule, which hints at how communities or social grouping can be viewed as “phases” similar to that in Thermodynamics, is plausible. Trade potential m , similar to Gibbs Chemical Potential , resulting from the ”Intropy” (or negative entropy) gradients, associated with physical, mental ,social or spiritual “ Quality” or “Worth”, of individuals,groups,products and services cause Trade/Social Transactions. A “phase rule” for communities that coexist in such a market is derived and hypothetical “phase diagrams” are explained.Experimentation in micro scales are a possibility to build appropriate “phase diagrams”
Manuscript Received : Oct 03 2004 Manuscript Accepted : Oct 05 2004

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