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Shu-Chuan Wang and Kwoting Fang
''Predicting the continuance usage of information systems: A comparison of three alternative models''
( 2008, Vol. 28 No.14 )
This study examines the explanatory power of three prospective models in predicting users¡¦ continuous adoption of information system. The three models include: Expectation-Confirmation Theory Model (ECTM, Model 1), the integration of ECTM with Technology Acceptance Model (ECT-TAM, Model 2), and a hybrid model integrating ECT, TAM and emotions (Model 3). Three hundred and fifty web portal site users were obtained from a survey. Data analysis using LISREL shows that all three models meet the various goodness-of-fit criteria. In terms of variance explained for intention to continue IS usage, all three models perform equally well. As for the explanatory power of satisfaction, Model 3 has the highest R2 (71%), followed by Model 2 (69%), and Model 1 (68%). This result confirms the erstwhile discussion of continuance intention behavior in which adding emotion factors to the cognitive process model will enhance the predictive power of the satisfaction.
Manuscript Received : Sep 03 2008 Manuscript Accepted : Sep 09 2008

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