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Dilip Saikia
''Agriculture-industry linkages in india: evidences and some issues''
( 2011, Vol. 31 No.2 )
The structural changes in sectoral composition and uneven pattern of growth of agriculture, industry and services sectors of India's economy in the post-reform period, coupled with the recent spate of services-led growth is likely to cause substantial changes in the inter-sectoral linkages. In this light the present book explored the inter-sectoral linkages in India before and after reforms. In doing so, we have made a critical evaluation of various theoretical and measurement issues underlying the inter-sectoral linkages in the Indian context. The we also explored the services-led growth of India's economy in the port-reform period and discussed the measurement debate relation to measuring services output and value added.
Keywords: Sectoral linkages, Agriculture, Industry, Services, Indian economy
Manuscript Received : Jun 05 2011 Manuscript Accepted : Jun 06 2011

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