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ralph lauren polo

''The determinants of corruption in cameroon''
( 2012, Vol. 32 No.4 )
The objective of this study is to identify the determinants of corruption in five activity sectors in Cameroon; police, justice, transport, health and education. Ordered and simple probit models permitted are used to identify, with data from the national institute of statistics in Cameroon, the determinants of corruption in the above five activity sectors. Thus, the author finds out that corruption in Cameroon is not the consequence of poverty; it is rather a cultural problem. However, it is more rampant in big cities and in more developed regions of the country and affects the police and justice sectors more. Essentially, aged, educated household heads, especially those from the grand South who work in the formal public sector were observed to be more corrupt.
Manuscript Received : Oct 18 2012 Manuscript Accepted : Oct 22 2012

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