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Eike Emrich, Freya Gassmann and Christian Pierdzioch
''Are Forfeitures of Olympic Medals Predictable? – A Test of the Efficiency of the International Anti-Doping System''
( 2017, Vol. 37 No.3 )
Modeling national Olympic medal counts has received much attention in recent research. National Olympic medal counts, however, may change after the event as a result of the fight against doping. We show for the Olympic Games that took place in Beijing 2008 that ex-post forfeitures of Olympic medals are predictable, at the aggregate level, using standard variables commonly used in earlier research to model national Olympic medal counts. The predictability of forfeitures of Olympic medal casts doubts that the international anti-doping system works efficiently
Keywords: Olympic medal counts, Forfeitures of medals, Doping, Predictability
JEL: Z1 - Cultural Economics; Economic Sociology; Economic Anthropology: General
Z0 - Other Special Topics: General
Manuscript Received : May 08 2017 Manuscript Accepted : Jul 16 2017

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