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Charles Figuières and Magali Verdonck
''On the Core of an Economy with Multilateral and Multidimensional Environmental Externalities''
( 2003, Vol. 3 No.3 )
For simple economic models of transfrontier pollution, Chander and Tulkens (1995) and (1997) have offered a formula for transfers to sustain international cooperation on a voluntary basis and which deter coalitionnal free-riding under some reasonable behaviours of countries not in the coalition. Their scheme rests on the assumption that pollution is a scalar. Relaxing this assumption, interesting interactions among pollutants arise that call for a new formula. In this paper we extend Chander and Tulkens formula for this more realistic multidimensional context, and thereby enhance the pratical and theoretical relevance of their seminal analysis.
Keywords: core
H7 - State and Local Government; Intergovernmental Relations: General
Manuscript Received : Mar 07 2003 Manuscript Accepted : Mar 08 2003

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