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Chi-Wei Su, Yi-Sung Huang, Peirchyi Lii and Ning-Jun Zhang
''IS Per Capita Real GDP Stationary in China¡H Evidence Based on A Panel SURADF Approach''
( 2007, Vol. 3 No.31 )
In this study we use newly developed Panel SURADF tests of the Breuer et al., (2001) to investigate the time-series properties of 25 Chinese provinces¡¦ per capita real GDP for the 1952-1998 period. While the other Panel-based unit root tests are joint tests of a unit root for all members of the panel and are incapable of determining the mix of I(0) and I(1) series in the panel setting, the Panel SURADF tests a separate unit-root null hypothesis for each individual panel member and, therefore identifies how many and which series in the panel are stationary processes. The empirical results indicate that for all the provinces studied per capita real GDP are non-stationary, except Hebei, Jeilongjiang, Qinghai and Shaanxi when Breuer et al.¡¦s (2001) Panel SURADF tests are conducted.
Keywords: Per Capita Real GDP Panel Unit Root Tests
Manuscript Received : Jul 15 2007 Manuscript Accepted : Jul 16 2007

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