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Eiji Yamamura and Inyong Shin
''Technological Change and Catch-up and Capital Deepening: Relative Contributions to Growth and Convergence: Comment''
( 2007, Vol. 15 No.3 )
The empirical results through a fixed effects regression model show that the initial level of productivity has a negative effect on the contribution of efficiency to productivity growth, which implies that technological catch-up has done much to cause economic convergence among countries. Further, we found that if we incorporate year dummy variables the relation between the initial level of productivity and the change in capital accumulation is not negative but positive. These results are contrary to the assertion of Kumar and Russell (2002).
Keywords: DEA
C1 - Econometric and Statistical Methods: General
Manuscript Received : Feb 01 2007 Manuscript Accepted : Feb 05 2007

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