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Claudio Djissey Shikida, Leonardo Monteiro Monasterio, Ari Francisco de Araujo Jr., Andre Carraro and Otávio Menezes Damé
''"It is the economy, companheiro!": an empirical analysis of Lula's re-election based on municipal data''
( 2009, Vol. 29 No.2 )
This paper discusses the reasons that led to the Lula's 2006 re-election. Spatial analysis methods revealed that, contrary to 2002, the President had more votes in less developed municipalities of Brazil. The econometric results cast doubt on the analyses that attribute to Bolsa Família Programme total responsibility for the re-election. Lula''s electoral success results from changes in the labor market, low inflation and an export boom that have reduced inequality and improved the real wages of the Brazilian poor.
JEL: H1 - Structure and Scope of Government: General
D7 - Analysis of Collective Decision-Making: General
Manuscript Received : Jul 23 2008 Manuscript Accepted : May 16 2009

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