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Yves Jegourel and Samuel Maveyraud
''A reassessment of the European SRI Funds "underperformance": does the intensity of extra-financial negative screening matter?''
( 2010, Vol. 30 No.1 )
Social responsible investment is surging in all industrial countries, despite the conventional wisdom that the inclusion of extra-financial criteria in the stock selection process should arm the financial performance of these funds. As a consequence, many papers have attempted to measure the financial performance of SRI funds and compared it to the performance of conventional funds with similar characteristics. According to this literature, we use a traditional CAPM model that allows for time-varying volatility to compare the risk-adjusted returns of several portfolios of SRI funds with differences in the intensity of extra-financial negative screening. Our key result shows that both alpha and beta are negatively correlated to the intensity of negative screenings. Thus, it appears that the risk-adjusted returns of SRI funds significantly differ from the returns of conventional funds if this latter criterion is taken into account.
Keywords: Socially responsible investment, International asset pricing, volatility
Manuscript Received : Sep 17 2009 Manuscript Accepted : Mar 30 2010

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