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Lina Andersson and Mats Hammarstedt
''Self-employment matching: an analysis of dual-earner couples in Sweden''
( 2010, Vol. 30 No.3 )
This paper presents an analysis of self-employment matching among dual-earner couples in Sweden. The results show that self-employment propensities are positively correlated across partners. Self-employment propensities are significantly higher for both males and females whose spouses are self-employed. The existence of ‘positive assortative mating' and the fact that self-employment knowledge and abilities are transferred across partners are presented as explanations for the results. One policy conclusion that can be drawn from the results is that if governments and policymakers want to increase the rate of female self-employment, stimulating overall self-employment might be effective, since an important determinant of female self-employment is having a self-employed spouse.
Keywords: dual-earner couples, self-employment, ordered probit model
JEL: D1 - Household Behavior: General
Manuscript Received : Jun 18 2010 Manuscript Accepted : Aug 26 2010

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