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Antonio Quesada
''Two axioms for the majority rule''
( 2010, Vol. 30 No.4 )
Two axioms are shown to characterize the relative majority rule when preferences are defined over two alternatives. According to one axiom, if all the individuals in a group are indifferent, then the associated group preference is indifference. The second axiom states that a group S prefers alternative a to alternative b if and only if there is a subgroup T whose members unanimously prefer a to b and such that, if S ≠ T, indifference represents the preference of the group S/T.
Keywords: Social welfare function, relative majority rule, axiomatic characterization, two alternatives.
JEL: D7 - Analysis of Collective Decision-Making: General
Manuscript Received : Nov 04 2010 Manuscript Accepted : Nov 15 2010

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