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Yung-hsiang Ying, Koyin Chang, Ginny ju-ann Yang and Chen-hsun Lee
''Measuring co-movement of globalization and democratization in the time–frequency space''
( 2014, Vol. 34 No.1 )
In the fields of political science and economics there has been a recent surge of interest in the co-movement of globalization and democratization. Wavelet coherency analysis was first used to measure the co-movement of globalization and democratization in time and frequency domains. We collected our data from the period 1948-2010. The results were as follows: (1) Co-movement is weaker for fluctuations with a duration of less than 3 years during the period from 1950-1990, with the exception of significantly positive co-movement with a duration of greater than 4 years during 1965-1975; and (2) positive long-term, mid-term, and short-term co-movement was indicated after 1990, among which positive short-term to short mid-term co-movement was the most significant. These results suggest that the Cold War influenced the interaction between democratization and globalization.
Keywords: Globalization; Democracy; Co-movement; Wavelet Coherency Analysis
JEL: F5 - International Relations and International Political Economy: General
Manuscript Received : Jul 02 2013 Manuscript Accepted : Feb 04 2014

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