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Yawo A. Noglo and Komivi Afawubo
''The change in monetary inequality among households in Togo over 2011-2015: an illustration based on the decomposition of the Gini coefficient using the Shapley value approach''
( 2017, Vol. 37 No.4 )
This paper aims at measuring and analyzing for the first time the evolution of inequality in the distribution of expenditures among households in Togo over 2011-2015 and according to the characteristics of household heads. The study is based on the two most recent surveys (QUIBB 2011 and QUIBB 2015) and the monetary well-being indicator used is total expenditure per adult equivalent. With regard to the decomposition of the Gini index through Shapley's approach, within-groups inequality is greater than between-groups inequality for both years with an increase of total within-areas and within-age inequalities. The decomposition of overall within-groups component shows that urban areas, male-headed families and the 31-50 age group are more contributory. The increase of this contribution is observed for urban areas, the 31-50 age group while we have a slight decrease concerning gender. These findings witness that in Togo, policy actions to reduce inequalities should first target the within-groups expenditure disparities by focusing on the most contributory groups, and also without neglecting the between-strata effects.
Keywords: Decomposition, Gini coefficient, inequality, Shapley's value, Togo
JEL: D6 - Welfare Economics: General
I3 - Welfare and Poverty: General
Manuscript Received : Jun 06 2017 Manuscript Accepted : Nov 19 2017

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