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Ngoc-thao Noet and Serge Blondel
''Cooperation and ethical choices: an experimental approach''
( 2023, Vol. 43 No.4 )
When confronted with choices involving the public good, individuals do not always choose the collective interest. If the ethical choice is a social issue, it is above all a social dilemma. Through an experiment in which we study the behavior of 114 subjects, we evaluate the degree of cooperation and explain the factors underlying ethical choices. The implementation of the prisoners' dilemma and public good games reveals correlation between the amount of the ethical premium and the degree of cooperation. We identify factors that increase this cooperation, such as the frequency of interactions with individuals. The more cooperative individuals are, the greater the ethical premium. Moreover, individuals naturally seek to cooperate. The more the game is repeated, the greater the degree of cooperation. Finally, the degree of contribution is lower when individuals anticipate the dilution of the responsibility. So, if we want to generalize ethical choices, we need to pay attention to individual interest in order to increase collective interest.
Keywords: cooperation, ethical values, public good game, prisoners' dilemma.
JEL: C7 - Game Theory and Bargaining Theory
C9 - Design of Experiments: General
Manuscript Received : Mar 05 2023 Manuscript Accepted : Dec 30 2023

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