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Arthur Charpentier and Emmanuel Flachaire
''Oaxaca-Blinder decomposition of changes in means and inequality: A simultaneous approach''
( 2024, Vol. 44 No.1 )
In this paper, we show that a decomposition of changes in inequality, with the mean log deviation index, can be obtained directly from the Oaxaca-Blinder decompositions of changes in means of incomes and log-incomes. It allows practitioners to conduct simultaneously empirical analyses to explain which factors account for changes in means and in inequality indices between two distributions with strictly positive values.
Keywords: Inequality, Oaxaca-Blinder decomposition, MLD index
JEL: Y1 - Special Issue in Honor of Michel Terraza
C1 - Econometric and Statistical Methods: General
Manuscript Received : May 24 2023 Manuscript Accepted : Mar 30 2024

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