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Manuscripts must be in PDF format. In the interest of uniformity, we request that they comply with the following restrictions:

  • Use 12pt Times Roman, CM (standard fonts for TeX and LaTeX) or other similar font.
  •  Pages should be single spaced with one-inch margins.
  • Sections and subsections should be numbered consecutively in Arabic numerals  (as in section 1. and subsection 1.2).  Section headings should becentered and in bold 12pt type. 
  • Figures, and tables should be included within the manuscript in the correct place where this is feasible.

Do not include a title page with any submission A standard title page will be generated from the metadata (your name, the abstract, the paper title, etc.) that you will be asked to provide through our submission interface.  Thus, the first page of the PDF you submit should begin with the title of the first section of your paper as in:


1.  Introduction

This is the first sentence of my introduction......

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