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Hui Li, David L. Weimer, Hank C. Jenkins-Smith Carol L. Silva and Robert P. Berrens Alok K. Bohara
''Exploring the Beta Model Using Proportional Budget Information in a Contingent Valuation Study''
( 2005, Vol. 17 No.8 )
Using a set of random telephone and Internet (web-based) survey samples for a national advisory referendum, we implement Beta models to handle proportional budget information, and allow for consistency in modeling assumptions and the calculation of estimated willingness to pay (WTP). Results indicate significant budget constraint effects and demonstrate the potential for Beta models in handling mental-accounting type information.
Keywords: Beta model
JEL: Q2 - Renewable Resources and Conservation: General
Manuscript Received : Sep 19 2005 Manuscript Accepted : Sep 19 2005

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