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Margaret S Samahita
''Effect of effort on self-image: monotonically increasing self-image functions''
( 2013, Vol. 33 No.1 )
The model of moral motivation as developed by Brekke et al. (2003) is analysed with the new assumption that self-image is an increasing function of effort. While the effects of increased efficiency and new information on optimal effort levels are similar, different results are obtained when individuals are faced with volunteering opportunities with and without non-participation fees. Most significantly, participation is sustainable as a Nash equilibrium even when it is not considered morally ideal. All results adhere to previously established theories on responsibility and crowding-out.
Keywords: Self-image, Volunteerism, Economic incentives, Crowding-out
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Manuscript Received : Dec 19 2012 Manuscript Accepted : Jan 14 2013

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