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Wei-chun Tseng and Shuhui Chiu
''An anti-bullying and keeping-friendship school enrollment lottery''
( 2014, Vol. 34 No.1 )
School enrollments are sometimes decided by lottery. However, students may wish to enter the same school or different schools for their social relationship needs so as to maintain good friendships, or avoid continuously being victims of bullying. While recent developments in non-traditional rationing lotteries (Chen et al., 2010; Tseng & Ngamsomsuke, 2012) can meet such social relationship needs, these kinds of lotteries apply to situations where the number of slots is less than the number of applicants. However, in other situations, the number of slots may be identical to the number of applicants when there are several schools available but each school has different qualities. In this paper, we develop a new lottery that works in both situations, satisfying such social relationship needs, while maintaining the equal opportunity that supports educational equality, a point emphasized by Allen et al. (2013). The new lottery may also work under demand and supply uncertainties. Korean elementary school graduates entering the next stage of their education are used as an example to show that this new lottery indeed works and improves well-being.
Keywords: public-owned private goods; rationing lotteries; consumption interdependence; demand for schooling; the social-relationship-needs rationing-assigning lottery
JEL: H4 - Publicly Provided Goods: General
Manuscript Received : Apr 29 2013 Manuscript Accepted : Jan 01 2014

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