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Guanlin Gao and Xinyan Shi
''Brief Mindfulness Meditation and Individual Contribution to Public Goods''
( 2021, Vol. 41 No.3 )
Despite the popularity of brief mindfulness meditation (BMM) and the emerging literature on BMM, no consensus has been reached on how it affects individual prosocial behaviors. This study extends the growing literature on BMM and answers the research question of how a single brief mindfulness meditation affects people's decisions of public goods contribution via different facets of mindfulness measurements. We conduct a laboratory experiment using 125 undergraduate students and implement a 15-minute breathing meditation prior to the public goods contribution game for the treatment group. We also collect data on subjects' mindfulness levels and personal characteristics in the post-experiment survey. Although we did not find this brief mindfulness meditation influences subjects' contributions, our results show that the observing factor, one of the five facets of mindfulness that refers to the acceptance and acknowledgment of one's internal cognitions, emotions, and external experiences and sensations, has a positive influence on the individuals' contribution to the public good. This study offers empirical evidence on how mindfulness affects individuals' economic behaviors. It also provides practical implications for fundraisers to consider using mindfulness meditation, especially practices that enhance one's observing aspect, to promote collaboration and individual contribution to public goods.
Keywords: Brief mindfulness meditation, public goods contribution, laboratory experiment
JEL: H4 - Publicly Provided Goods: General
C9 - Design of Experiments: General
Manuscript Received : Sep 06 2021 Manuscript Accepted : Sep 06 2021

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