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Jacques Simon Song, Hervé William Mougnol A Ekoula and Adalbert Abraham Ghislain Melingui Bate
''Does ICTs diffusion increase bilateral trade in Africa? Empirical evidence using an augmented gravity model''
( 2022, Vol. 42 No.2 )
The use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in Africa has increased considerably over the past two decades, and has been the subject of an extremely fruitful literature. In this article, we examine their effect on bilateral trade of goods and services observed in 32 African countries. To achieve this, we specify and estimate an augmented gravity model by the Poisson Pseudo Maximum Likelihood (PPML), Negative Binomial (NEGBIN) and Zero Inflated Poisson (ZIP) estimators over the period 1995-2019. The theory of trade openness is highlighted to assess the determinants of the bilateral trade in Africa. Our results show that the use of ICTs, measured by the penetration of mobile phones, fixed phones, broadband and the Internet, significantly increases the bilateral trade in Africa. We suggest investing more in telecommunication infrastructures and strengthening the public-private partnership, in order to reduce the costs of accessing and using new ICTs.
Keywords: Africa, Gravity model, ICTs, Trade.
JEL: F1 - Trade: General
O3 - Technological Change; Research and Development: General
Manuscript Received : Oct 29 2021 Manuscript Accepted : Jun 30 2022

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