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In memoriam of Jean-François Mertens

Jean-François Mertens (11 March 1946 – 17 July 2012) was a Belgian game theorist and mathematical economist. He was a prominent mathematician and one of the most influential game theorists of the XX and XXI century. He was keynote speaker of the first edition of the UECE Lisbon Meetings in 2009. The UECE Lisbon Meetings honors his memory with an annual lecture during the meetings since 2012. 

Jean-François Mertens Lecture

2012: Jean Gabszewicz

2013: Jacques-Thisse

Jean-François Mertens Contribution to Game Theory and Mathematics  

Jean-François Mertens made some contributions to probability theory and published articles on elementary topology, but he was mostly active in economic theory. In particular, he contributed to order-book of market games, cooperative games, noncooperative games, repeated games, epistemic models of strategic behavior, and refinements of Nash Equilibrium.

In cooperative game theory he contributed to the solution concepts called the core and the Shapley value. Regarding repeated games and stochastic games, Mertens 1982 and 1986 survey articles, and his 1994 survey co-authored with Sylvain Sorin and Shmuel Zamir, are compendiums of results on this topic, including his own contributions. 

Jean-François Mertens was a professor and friend of the organizers of the UECE Lisbon Meetings and his presence if greatly missed.