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An Update Regarding Extended Abstracts (February 15, 2010)

As a result of recent conservatively revised policies regarding conference proceedings implemented by major journals in economics/game theory, operations research, computer science, etc., we are dropping the requirement to submit extended abstracts for this conference.

In order not to `damage' in any way presenters' likelihood to publish their work in major journals we are leaving the decision up to the presenters on the length of the submitted abstract. It still has at the minimum to be a `regular' abstract (at least one paragraph summarizing the content and the contribution) for the benefit of the conference participants.

For contributed submissions, the authors have to submit their extended abstract for evaluation so we (conference scientific committee) can determine whether to accept the paper for a presentation. However, all the presenters (contributed and invited) will ultimately decide on the format (extended abstract or just a `regular' abstract) their work will appear in the conference handout. We will contact authors of contributing papers after acceptance and inquire about the length of the abstract they want published.

Please note that once a paper has been submitted to the online submission system it CANNOT be altered, amended, changed, corrected, edited, or revised. Once a submission has been made it is final. Therefore please make sure all your material is ready before submitting.

In addition, on the last page of the submission process there is a statement that reads: “Uploading a full paper is optional but is requested if available. Uploads must be in PDF Format” Please note that “full paper” refers to EXTENDED ABSTRACT, that although it says OPTIONAL on the page it is required.

You will receive a “thank you for your submission” email after you are done submitting.

In addition, you may receive an additional email message from the system that will give you a login and password information to the conference site's “Author Log In” section. This log In section will NOT allow you to make any changes to your submission but will allow access to update your mailing address and AccessEcon data.

Commitment to participate in the conference: At least one author of every accepted submission must register for the conference by March 31, 2010.

The format for the proceedings papers will be that of extended abstracts (about 6-10 pages per paper).

The conference proceedings will be published online by ACM, so we ask you to use the templates provided below for your document preparation. The official ACM Proceedings Format is available as templates in Word and Latex format.

  • If you use Word to prepare your documents, please use the template provided in file pubform.doc;
  • If you use Latex to prepare your document, please use the template provided in file sig-alternate.tex. You will need to use the file sig-alternate.cls for your document style; the end-result is given in the file sig-alternate.pdf. The files fly.eps, flies.eps, and are provided only to illustrate the use of figures; sig-proc.bib is used to illustrate the use of references. Please submit only the pdf file of your document.

Note that the templates require that you provide categories and subject descriptors for your submission; computing classification system can be found at We believe that most authors will use

J.4 [Social And Behavioral Sciences] Economics,

and/or something under

G. [Mathematics of Computing].